Thompson Creek Farm is a certified organic farm located in Newman Lake, WA near Spokane, WA. The farm is certified Organic by the WSDA and though we are not certified biodynamic, we practice many biodynamic principals & Natural Farming methods. We recently certified with the Real Organic Project as well! Thompson Creek Farm was established in 2016 by Marcus Intinarelli and Becca Woollett after they spent the previous year doing a farm internship in Southern Oregon. Marcus grew up on the land and always wanted to make it his permanent home and spend his time outside in the area, farming was a perfect match. Marcus and Becca have been together for over 15 years and are excited to spend the rest of their lives farming together. Being able to work with nature and have your hands in the soil all day is an honor and they could not imagine doing anything else.

The goal of the farm is to create a completely self sustaining system. Meaning we are aiming to produce all our own inputs and amendments, while improving the soil health through cover crops, perennial plants, organic mulch, crop diversity, microbial amendments, minimal tilling (working towards no-till) and respect. Doing all this will decrease the need to import materials onto the farm. We want to move away from bringing in fertility and focus on building fertile soil that is able to feed the plants without dumping N-P-K onto the fields. With healthy strong soil, we can farm more sustainability and capture more carbon, which helps the plants, the microbial population in the soil and will help reduce our impact on the current climate crisis. For more questions about our practices, please contact us.

We run a small CSA and provide produce to a few local restaurants. We mainly focus on growing high quality organic seed for multiple seed companies. Contact us if you have questions about seed production!